Error Response Codes

Category Response Code Description Remark
System E001 Internal Service Error Any internal service error/failure/cannot connect to Redis. etc.
E002 DS Connection error: System is temporarily unavailable DS connection error
E003 Invalid Request  
E004 Missing mandatory field  
E005 Data not found  
E006 Message Version Not Supported  
E007 Sent Messages Limit Exceeded  
E008 Data Decryption Failure  
E009 Access Denied Invalid Endpoint  
E010 System Connection Failure  
E011 System Connection Time Out  
3DSS Authentication Service A001 Can't find Acquirer with code {AcquirerCode} AcquirerCode is wrong.
A002 2.0 is not supported for this card Transaction is not supported for 3DS2 protocol and Bank should handle the 3DS1 by their side.
A003 Card scheme not found - {cardSchemeName} Card scheme of the transaction is not supported by the acquirer.
A004 Can't find merchant with code {MerchantCode} Merchant is not registerd with the acquirer.
A005 Merchant disabled {MerchantCode} Merchant is disabled by the acquirer.
A006 Pan in incorrect format - {Card.CardNumber} Transaction PAN format is wrong.
A007 Error during call MPI", Version = "1.0" This is only for the redirection of 2c2p old MPI.
A008 Can't find BIN for merchant {acquirerMerchant.MerchantCode}" Acquirer BIN is not assigned to the merchant.
A009 Can't find DS Settings Acquirer has not set the Directory Server settings.
A010 3DS Requestor Data not found Requestor details are not correct.
A011 Error from DS Error comes from the Directory Server
A012 Error from ACS Error comes from the ACS
  A013 Card range not found Card range is not update from DS
  A014 3RI payment message not supported for 2.1.0  
  A015 Purchase data incorrect  
  A016 Unauthorized token  
  A017 MPI Response with error, VBV Result {0} Handling 3DS1 transactions with MPI (only for 2C2P MPI)
  A018 ISO Code Invalid Handling 3DS1 transactions with MPI (only for 2C2P MPI)
  A019 PaRes can't be empty for 1.0 Handling 3DS1 transactions with MPI (only for 2C2P MPI)
  A020 Error during call PA Response Handling 3DS1 transactions with MPI (only for 2C2P MPI)