Cancel Transaction


Important Notice - Do not use Cancel Transaction API to cancel payment. It is not working anymore.


HTTPS POST / Server-to-Server

Sandbox endpoint :
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Go live when you are ready, Live endpoint is provided.

Cancel Transaction is a API for merchant who want cancel the payment.

Cancel Transaction Request

Below are the guidelines that how to prepare a cancel transaction request and send to 2c2p

  1. Prepare payload data. Below sample request data show the request structure. Refer Cancel Transaction Request Parameter for API Specification.
    "paymentToken": "kSAops9Zwhos8hSTSeLTUcCrwcnrndJUZanGJy3fBEsXCiYmynwxHvK5h7XPBadJqD0nG7v65t5N2jPVrnwX2jL4nu+KKSegjUjERKCyWPg=",
    "clientID": "E380BEC2BFD727A4B6845133519F3AD7",
    "locale": "en"


Cancel Transaction Response

Below sample response data show the data structure. Refer Cancel Transaction Response Parameter for API Specification.

    "invoiceNo": "1523953661",
    "respCode": "2000",
    "respDesc": "Transaction is completed, please do payment inquiry request for full payment information."