Payment Maintenance Result Codes

Result CodeResult Description
01Stored card ID cannot be found
02Invalid Request
03Invalid Merchant ID
04Invalid Stored Card Unique ID
05Invalid Customer Email
10Missing Compulsory Values
11Request validation failed.
12Transaction status is not valid to perform your action.
13Invalid hash value.
14Invalid merchant ID.
15Invalid invoice number.
16Requested transaction doesn't exist.
17Request type is invalid.
18Invalid Action Amount.
21Void not allowed.
22Sub Transaction cannot be voided individually.
25Void failed.
29Transaction is already voided.
30Unable to refund/settle more than transaction amount.
31Settlement not allowed.
32Settlement is not required.
33Partial settlement not allowed.
34Settlement rejected.
35Settlement failed.
36Settlement not allowed beyond deadline.
37Sub Merchant settlement amount is more than transaction amount.
38Sub Transaction cannot be captured individually.
39Transaction is already settled.
40Refund amount is more than transaction amount.
41Refund not allowed.
42Refund pending.
43Partial refund not allowed.
44Refund rejected.
45Refund failed.
46Insufficient funds to perform refund.
47Sub Merchant refund amount is more than transaction amount.
48Sub merchant has insufficient funds to perform refund.
49Transaction is already fully refunded.
50Same Idempotent Key exists with different Type
51Same Idempotent Key exists with status Pending
52Cannot retrieve Main Txn. Refund failed.
53No transaction reference number.
54Refund exceeded allowable timeframe.
61Cancel not allowed.
65Cancel Failed.
95Request timed-out
96Unable to decrypt.
97Process is not supported.
98Request is not available
99Unable to complete the request.