Payout Response Codes

Response CodeDescription
8100Success – Payout disbursement success
8101Success – Payout request accepted
8102Rejected – Payout request rejected from Bank
8103Invalid Merchant
8104Invalid Request ID
8105Duplicate Request ID
8106Invalid UTR
8107Invalid Payout Date
8108Invalid Amount
8109Invalid Beneficiary Name
8110Invalid Beneficiary Account No
8111Invalid Beneficiary Bank Code
8112Invalid Beneficiary Mobile No
8113Invalid User Defined Property
8114Cannot find payout provider
8115Merchant doesn't have enabled payout
8116Insufficient Balance
8117Invalid Request
8118Invalid ID Card
8119Invalid SoF
8120Invalid Beneficiary Id
8121Invalid Registerred Beneficiary Status
8122Invalid Company Id
8123Invalid Regency Code
8124Invalid Beneficiary Email Address
8125Invalid Notification URL
8126Rejected (Refunded)
8127Duplicate UTR
8128Invalid Passport Number
8129Invalid Army/Police Number
8130Duplicate Beneficiary Entry
8131Invalid Preferred Provider
8132Invalid Account Status
8133Invalid Account Type
8134Invalid Beneficiary Type
8135Invalid Use of Preferred Provider
8180Success – Payout beneficiary registration accepted
8181Rejected – Payout beneficiary registration rejected
8182Duplicate beneficiary registration
8183Success – Payout beneficiary registration success
8197Payout malfunction
8198Payout timeout error
8199Internal Server Error
8200Interface Error
8201Bank Timeout Error
8401Customer Payout Not Found
8402Payout Not Found
8403Merchant Not Found
8404Batch File Content Incorrect
8405Cannot Read File
8406File Has No Content
8407File Has Missing Fields or Wrong Content
8408Incorrect File Name
8409Incorrect File Size
8410Duplicate Transaction Id
8411Bank Codes Not Exist
8412Incorrect File Extension