Other Payment Features


Card Tokenization

Tokenization or stored card feature is a method to replace sensitive data such as credit card details with non-sensitive data. Whenever card is stored, 2C2P will returns card token to merchant.

Using 2C2P Tokenization merchant does not require complex and time consuming PCI-DSS certification process. All the sensitive information is only at 2C2P with most advanced security and PCI-DSS compliance.

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Payment with Card Token

This card token can be used in subsequent payment request. This allows merchant to build shopping experience where customer don’t need to enter card information every time during checkout.

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IPP Installment Payment Plan

2C2P Redirect API allows merchant to offer Installment Payment Plan to their customers. Customers has the options to select Installment Payment Plan from multiple banks.

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RPP Recurring Payment Plan

2C2P allows the merchant to set up recurring payment schedules for their customers.

The merchant needs to send a normal payment request when charging the customer for the first time, including the parameters for the recurring payment

2C2P will then combines the card data used for this payment and the recurring instructions to create a recurring schedule. Based on the data in the schedule 2C2P will automatically trigger a new payment request to the shopper

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