Payment Response Codes

0001Transaction is pending
0003Transaction is cancelled
0004Transaction is soft-declined. Resubmit the transaction after 3ds authentication
0999System error
2001Transaction in progress
2002Transaction not found
2003Failed To Inquiry
4000Card Verification Successful
4001Refer to card issuer
4002Refer to issuer's special conditions
4003Invalid merchant ID
4004Pick up card
4005Do not honor
4007Pick up card, special condition
4008Honor with ID
4009Request in progress
4010Partial amount approved
4011Approved VIP
4012Invalid Transaction
4013Invalid Amount
4014Invalid Card Number
4015No such issuer
4016Approved, Update Track 3
4017Customer Cancellation
4018Customer Dispute
4019Re-enter Transaction
4020Invalid Response
4021No Action Taken
4022Suspected Malfunction
4023Unacceptable Transaction Fee
4024File Update Not Supported by Receiver
4025Unable to Locate Record on File
4026Duplicate File Update Record
4027File Update Field Edit Error
4028File Update File Locked Out
4029File Update not Successful
4030Format Error
4031Bank Not Supported by Switch
4032Completed Partially
4033Expired Card - Pick Up
4034Suspected Fraud - Pick Up
4035Restricted Card - Pick Up
4036Allowable PIN Tries Exceeded
4037No Credit Account
4038Allowable PIN Tries Exceeded
4039No Credit Account
4040Requested Function not Supported
4041Lost Card - Pick Up
4042No Universal Amount
4043Stolen Card - Pick Up
4044No Investment Account
4045Settlement Success
4046Settlement Fail
4047Cancel Success
4048Cancel Fail
4049No Transaction Reference Number
4050Host Down
4051Insufficient Funds
4052No Cheque Account
4053No Savings Account
4054Expired Card
4055Incorrect PIN
4056No Card Record
4057Transaction Not Permitted to Cardholder
4058Transaction Not Permitted to Terminal
4059Suspected Fraud
4060Card Acceptor Contact Acquirer
4061Exceeds Withdrawal Amount Limits
4062Restricted Card
4063Security Violation
4064Original Amount Incorrect
4065Exceeds Withdrawal Frequency Limit
4066Card Acceptor Call Acquirer Security
4067Hard Capture - Pick Up Card at ATM
4068Response Received Too Late
4070Settle amount cannot exceed authorized amount
4071Inquiry Record Not Exist
4072Promotion not allowed in current payment method
4073Promotion Limit Reached
4075Allowable PIN Tries Exceeded
4076Invalid Credit Card Format
4077Invalid Expiry Date Format
4078Invalid Three Digits Format
4080User Cancellation by Closing Internet Browser
4081Unable to Authenticate Card Holder
4086ATM Malfunction
4087No Envelope Inserted
4088Unable to Dispense
4089Administration Error
4090Cut-off in Progress
4091Issuer or Switch is Inoperative
4092Financial Insititution Not Found
4093Trans Cannot Be Completed
4094Duplicate Transmission
4095Reconcile Error
4096System Malfunction
4097Reconciliation Totals Reset
4098MAC Error
4099Unable to Complete Payment
4121Refund Rejected
4122Refund Failed
4131Chargeback Rejected
4132Chargeback Failed
4140Transaction Does Not Exist
4200Tokenization Successful
4201Tokenization Failed
4202Invalid Card / Customer Token
4203No response from account issuer
4204Tokenization Action Failed (Token)
4205Tokenization Action Failed (Limit Exceed)
4208Tokenization Action Failed (Client)
4209Tokenization Action Failed (Issuer)
5003Invalid Message
5004Invalid Profile (Merchant) ID
5005Duplicated Invoice
5006Invalid Amount
5007Insufficient Balance
5008Invalid Currency Code
5009Payment Expired
5010Payment Canceled By Payer
5011Invalid Payee ID
5012Invalid Customer ID
5013Account Does Not Exist
5014Authentication Failed
5015Customer paid more than transaction amount
5016Customer paid less than transaction amount
5017Paid Expired
5019No-Action From WebPay
5998Internal Error
6012Invalid Transaction
6101Invalid request message
6102Required Payload
6103Invalid JWT data
6104Required merchantId
6105Required paymentChannel
6106Required authCode
6107Invalid merchantId
6108Invalid paymentChannel
6109paymentChannel is not configured
6110Unable to retrieve usertoken
7012Invalid Transaction
9004The [ParameterName] value is not valid
9005Some mandatory fields are missing
9006This field exceeded its authorized length
9007Invalid merchant
9008Invalid payment expiry
9009Amount is invalid
9010Invalid Currency Code
9012paymentItem name is required
9013paymentItem quantity is required
9014paymentItem amount is required
9015Existing Invoice Number
9016Failed to retrieve PaymentInstruction
9017PaymentInstruction not available
9035Payment failed
9037Merchant configuration is missing
9038Failed To Generate Token
9039The merchant frontend URL is missing
9040The token is invalid
9041Payment token already used
9042Hash value mismatch
9057Payment options are invalid
9058Payment channel invalid
9059Payment channel unauthorized
9060Payment channel unconfigured
9078Promotion code does not exist
9080Tokenization not allowed
9088SubMerchant is required
9089Duplicated SubMerchant
9090SubMerchant Not Found
9091Invalid Sub Merchant ID
9092Invalid Sub Merchant invoiceNo
9093Existing Sub Merchant Invoice Number
9094Invalid Sub Merchant Amount
9095Sub Merchant Amount mismatch
9100FxRateId and OriginalAmount are required
9101Not allow to make a payment with Fx
9102FxRate not available
9103Invalid amount. (for the transaction which using the FxRateId)
9104Invalid Country Code (Airline Info)
9105Invalid Currency Code (Airline Info)
9106Invalid Loyalty Redeem Amount
9107Invalid Loyalty Provider
9108Duplicated Loyalty Reward Id
9109Required Loyalty's External Merchant Id
9110Failed to Inquiry Loyalty Rewards
9202Invalid CustomerToken
9900Unable to decrypt the payload
9901Invalid invoicePrefix
9902allowAccumulate is required
9903maxAccumulateAmount is required
9904recurringInterval or ChargeOnDate is required
9905recurringCount is required
9906recurringInterval or ChargeOnDate is required
9907Invalid ChargeNextDate
9908Invalid ChargeOnDate
9909chargeNextDate is required
9990Request to merchant front end has failed
9991Request merchant secure has failed
9992Request payment secure has failed
9993An unknown error has occured
9994Request DB service has failed
9995Request payment service has failed
9996Request Qwik service has failed
9997Request user preferences has failed
9998Request store card has failed
9999Request to merchant backend has failed