Offline Payment

This integration flow is for merchants who want to create offline payments such as over-the-counter. This flow requires merchants to generate a slip to the customer and allows customer to pay at the counter.

 1. Customer checks out and proceeds to pay.

 2. Merchant is required to request a payment token from 2C2P.

 3. 2C2P returns the payment token to the merchant.

 4. Merchant requests a payment option with the payment token. (Optional)

 5. 2C2P returns the available payment option. (Optional)

 6. Merchant requests payment option details with payment token and Group/Category Code. (Optional)

 7. 2C2P returns the payment option details. (Optional)

 8. Merchant requests payment with payment token and payment information.

 9. 2C2P returns a payment response to the merchant.

 10. Merchant displays the payment slip with status pending and allows the customer to make payment.

 11. Merchant front-end UI is required to have a function to keep calling the transaction status API until a transaction end result is received (completed or failed).

 12. Customer goes to the counter or kiosk to make payment.

 13. Counter's / Kiosk's Third Party Acquirer returns the payment status to 2C2P.

 14. 2C2P returns a backend response to the merchant.