Offline Payment

This integration flow is for merchant who want to create payment such as over-the-counter,. This flow is required merchant to generate slip to customer and allow customer to pay at the counter.

 1. Customer check out and proceed to pay.

 2. Merchant is required to request payment token from 2c2p.

 3. 2c2p return the payment token to merchant.

 4. Merchant request payment option with payment token. (Optional)

 5. 2c2p return available payment option. (Optional)

 6. Merchant request payment option details with payment token & Group/Category Code. (Optional)

 7. 2c2p return payment option details. (Optional)

 8. Merchant request payment with payment token & payment information.

 9. 2c2p return payment response to merchant.

 10. Merchant display payment slip with status pending and allow customer to make payment.

 11. Merchant Front End UI required to have a function to keep calling transaction status API until recieved transaction end result (completed or failed).

 12. Customer go to counter or kiosk to make payment.

 13. Counter's / Kiosk's 3rd Party Acquirer return payment status to 2c2p.

 14. 2c2p return backend response to merchant.