QuickPay Generate Link Response Parameters


Data Attribute Reference

Data Type

  • A: Alphabet
  • AN: Alphanumeric
  • C: Characters
  • B: Boolean
  • D: Decimal
  • N: Numeric

Mandatory attributes

  • M: Mandatory
  • C: Conditional
  • O: Optional
ParameterData Type / LengthMandatoryDescription
versionAN 3MRequest version number

Current version: 2.4
timeStampAN 14MRequest time stamp

* In yyyyMMddHHmmss format
qpIDN 10MQuickPay ID
orderIdPrefixAN 14MPrefix of merchant order number for transaction done using this QuickPay URL

* Accepts only alphanumeric characters
and the special characters _-
currencyAN 3MStandard ISO4217 currency codes

Thai baht = THB
dollar = SGD
* US dollar = USD
amountAN 12MTransaction amount

JPY = 100
expiryAN 19MExpiry date of the QuickPay link

* In yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm :ss format
urlAN 255MQuickPay URL
resCodeN 3MResponse status code

Refer to: Response Code List.
resDescAN 50MResponse status short description
hashValueAN 150MHMACSHA1 cryptographic hash value of:
version + timeStamp + qpID +
orderIdPrefix + currency + amount + expiry + url + resCode + resDesc

*Uses secret key provided by 2C2P
to merchant