VirtueMart 3.2.4


2C2P provides payment solution to your VirtueMart webstore. We allow you to accept payments from Credit/Debit Cards, Alipay, or Alternative/Cash Payments using local counter services.Additional details on the payment process and configuration can be found in the Redirect API section of this page.

2C2P is available in :

  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Hong Kong

In order to connect to 2C2P with the plugin you will need a sandbox account or a test account.


Support Joomla 3.7.5 and VirtueMart 3.2.4 version


You can download plugin from here.

Next steps:

  • Copy file to the relevant directory
  • Go to Admin
  • Then use Extension --> Manage --> Install
  • Upload the file


Once the upload is complete, return to Admin.

Then access the following: Components --> VirtueMart --> Payment Methods.

In the Payment Methods section, click New button.

  1. Select 2C2P in the Payment Method section and add information as required
  1. Save the changes. Use the Configuration tab next

Click Save & Close to save the Configuration.

  1. During checkout, Customer can select 2C2P Payment and also select previously stored card's (If enabled stored card payment).
  1. Customer shall be redirected to 2C2P's payment page, Where they will be able to save their card (Id enabled stored card payment).
  1. Customer can see the payment result page.


Name Description Comment
Enable/StatusEnable/Disable the pluginIf disabled , it will not show 2C2P on the checkout page
TitleTitle of payment getaway plugin.Display at the checkout page.
Merchant IDMID as shown in the 2C2P merchant interface
Secret KeySecret key from the 2C2P merchant interface
ModeTest/Live Mode of payment getaway plugin
StoredCard PaymentEnable/Disable Store-card paymentEnable the stored card payment when you stick the checkbox.
1-2-3 payment expiryPayment validity duration for 1-2-3 paymentPayment validity duration for 1-2-3 Payment, In hours between (8-720).
LanguageSelect Payment gateway supported language. Default language is English.