Transaction Status Inquiry


HTTPS POST / Server-to-Server

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Transaction Status Inquiry is a common API for merchant who want check transaction status. This API is designed for any merchant UI &mobile APP to check transaction status. Merchant should not use this API as an acknowledgement to update payment status, instead of merchant should use Payment Inquiry API call from backend.

Transaction Status Inquiry Request

Below are the guidelines that how to prepare a transaction status inquiry request and send to 2c2p

  1. Prepare payload data. Below sample request data show the request structure. Refer Transaction Status Inquiry Request Parameter for API Specification.
    "paymentToken": "kSAops9Zwhos8hSTSeLTUcCrwcnrndJUZanGJy3fBEsXCiYmynwxHvK5h7XPBadJqD0nG7v65t5N2jPVrnwX2jL4nu+KKSegjUjERKCyWPg=",
    "clientID": "E380BEC2BFD727A4B6845133519F3AD7",
    "locale": "en",
    "additionalInfo": true


Transaction Status Inquiry Response

Below sample response data show the data structure. Refer Transaction Status Inquiry Response Parameter for API Specification.

    "channelCode": "CC",
    "invoiceNo": "1523953661",
    "additionalInfo": {
        "merchantDetails": {
            "name": "HAPPY SHOP",
            "address": "#03-00 Tras street 089997",
            "email": "[email protected]",
            "logoUrl": ""
        "transactionDetails": {
            "dateTime": "311220235959",
            "agentCode": "OCBC",
            "channelCode": "VI",
            "data": "411111XXXXXX1111",
            "amount": "1000.00",
            "currencyCode": "SGD",
            "invoiceNo": "1523953661",
            "description": "item 1"
        "paymentResultDetails": {
            "code": "00",
            "description": "Transaction is successful.",
            "redirectImmediately": true,
            "autoRedirect": true,
            "autoRedirectTimer": 1000,
            "frontendReturnUrl": "",
            "frontendReturnData": "base64dataABCDEF"
    "respCode": "2000",
    "respDesc": "Transaction is completed, please do payment inquiry request for full payment information."