Payment Enums

API Environment

Enum APIEnvironment
ParameterData TypeDescription
ProductionStringProduction API environment endpoint

* For all countries excluding Indonesia
ProductionIndonesiaStringIndonesia production API environment endpoint

* Only for Indonesia
SandboxStringSandbox API environment endpoint

* For testing

API Response Codes

Enum APIResponseCode
ParameterData TypeDescription
APISuccessStringGeneral API success
TransactionAuthenticateRedirectStringLoad redirect URL with iframe or webview

* Client should close the iframe when the URL is loading the result URL and read the BODY message
TransactionAuthenticateFullRedirectStringFull redirect to third-party web page
TransactionExternalBrowserStringLoad redirect URL within new tab in external web browser, or

Load redirect scheme URL to open third-party application that does not do callbacks

_ Mobile: on app RESUME, call Transaction Status API

_ Web: do a looping query or long post to get transaction status

Refer to: PGW SDK API Interface of Transaction status method.
TransactionPaymentSlipStringGet Alternative Payment Method (123) payment slip information and set transaction status to PENDING

Get payment slip info
Display payment slip
TransactionExternalApplicationStringRedirect to external app with app scheme, and back with app call back

Mobile: receive call back from third-party application

Web: N/A
TransactionQRPaymentStringDisplay generated QR information for scan

* After the QR code is displayed, do a looping query or long post to get transaction status
TransactionCompletedStringTransaction completed

Perform payment inquiry to get payment status and full response
Gets payment result and displays result to customer
TransactionInProgressStringTransaction in progress

* Recursively inquires for transaction status until API returns payment result

Refer to: PGW SDK API Interface
TransactionNotFoundStringTransaction not found

* Displays result to customer
TransactionInquiryFailedStringTransaction inquiry failed

* Displays result to customer

Installment Interest Type Code

Enum InstallmentInterestTypeCode
ParameterData TypeDescription
CustomerStringCustomer interest type
MerchantStringMerchant interest type

Payment Channel Code

Enum PaymentChannelCode
ParameterData TypeDescription
GlobalCardPaymentStringGlobal card payment category
LocalCardPaymentStringLocal card payment category
LocalCardInstallmentPaymentPlanStringLocal card installment payment plan category
DigitalPaymentStringDigital payment category
QRPaymentStringQR payment category
WebPaymentStringWeb payment category
SelfServiceMachineStringSelf service machine payment category
PayAtCounterStringPay at counter payment category
InternetBankingStringInternet banking payment category
GlobalBuyNowPayLaterStringGlobal Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) category
DeepLinkPaymentStringDeep link payment category.
OnlineDirectDebitStringOnline direct debit category.
DigitalCurrencyStringDigital currency category.
CreditCardStringCredit card payment group
ProprietaryCardStringProprietary card payment group
GlobalInstallmentPaymentPlanStringGlobal installment payment plan payment group
LocalInstallmentPaymentPlanStringLocal installment payment plan payment group
GlobalThirdPartyPaymentStringGlobal third party payment group
LocalThirdPartyPaymentStringLocal third party payment group
EWalletPaymentStringE-Wallet payment group
MasterPassStringMasterpass payment group
QRCodePaymentStringQR code payment group
CardSchemeQRPaymentStringCard scheme QR payment group
ThaiQRPaymentStringThai QR payment group
SingaporeQRPaymentStringSingapore QR payment group
WebPaymentStringWeb payment group
AutomatedTellerMachineStringAutomated teller machine payment group
KioskStringKiosk payment group
BankCounterStringBank counter payment group
OverTheCounterStringOver the counter payment group
InternetBankingStringInternet banking payment group
BuyNowPayLaterStringBuy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment group
CardWalletPaymentStringCard wallet payment group
DeepLinkPaymentStringDeep link payment group
CardLoyaltyPointPaymentStringCard loyalty point payment group
OnlineDirectDebitStringOnline direct debit group
CryptoCurrencyStringCryptocurrency group.
LinePayStringLine pay channel
MoMoWalletStringMomo wallet channel
ShopeePayStringShoppe pay channel
OneTwoThreeString123 payment channel
GooglePayStringGoogle pay channel
CardLoyaltyPointPaymentStringCard loyalty point payment channel
ApplePayStringApple pay channel
ZaloPayStringZaloPay channel
TripleAWalletStringTriple-A Wallet channel.
WebPaymentStringWeb payment agent channel
AutomatedTellerMachineStringAutomated teller machine agent channel
KioskStringKIOSK agent channel
BankCounterStringBank counter agent channel
OverTheCounterStringOver the counter agent channel
InternetBankingStringInternet banking agent channel
DeepLinkPaymentStringDeep link agent channel
OnlineDirectDebitStringOnline direct debit agent channel

Payment Input Code

Enum PaymentInputCode
ParameterData TypeDescription
MandatoryStringMandatory for payment input
IgnoreStringIgnore for payment input
OptionalStringOptional for payment input

Payment Notification Platform Code

Enum PaymentNotificationPlatformCode
ParameterData TypeDescription
FacebookStringPayment notification to Facebook platform
WhatsAppStringPayment notification to WhatsApp platform
WeChatStringPayment notification to WeChat platform
LineStringPayment notification to LINE platform
EmailStringPayment notification to email platform

QR Type Code

Enum QRTypeCode
ParameterData TypeDescription
RawStringQR raw data
Base64StringQR base64 data
URLStringQR URL data

Payment Custom Data Code

Enum PaymentCustomDataCode
ParameterData TypeDescription
TextStringCustom text data

* Text for display
ImageUrlStringCustom image URL data

* Image for display
WebUrlStringCustom web URL data

* Hyperlink for redirection
FileUrlStringCustom file URL data

* File for download

Payment UI Response Code

Enum PaymentUIResponseCode
iOS / Android0000The transaction completed, please use payment token for request transaction status inquiry API.
iOS / Android0001The transaction cancelled by user manually.
iOS / Android0002The transaction failed, error: {values}.
iOS / Android0003The transaction retry failed, please re-submit the ui payment request again.
iOS / Android0099Validation failed due to invalid value for {values}, these value are required for the payment.
iOS0099The payment ui initialization failed.