How it works

The 2C2P PGW SDK allows merchant to integrate to 2C2P Payment Gateway with minimum effort and enjoy the full benefits of enhanced security and full suite of payment options. It's allows merchant application accepting payment from Credit card.

Key Benefits:

  1. Fast setup & integration.
  2. Very secure.
  3. PCIDSS requirements and compliances are handled by 2C2P.

The 2C2P PGW SDK supports following payment services:

Credit / Debit Card Payment

 1. Consumer submit transaction on merchant application.
 2. Merchant application checkout to merchant server.
 3. Merchant server get payment token from 2C2P PGW.
 4. Merchant server pass payment token to merchant application and display payment page on 
    merchant application.
 5. Merchant application do payment request to 2C2P PGW.
 6. 2C2P PGW gets the card information from consumer, perform 3DS authentication and then 
    authorization with acquiring bank and acquiring bank return payment result.
 7. 2C2P PGW response payment result to merchant server via backend return url.
 8. 2C2P PGW response transaction ID to 2C2P PGW SDK.
 9. Merchant application get transaction result from merchant server by transaction ID.
10. Merchant application display payment result to consumer.

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