How it works

The 2C2P Payment Gateway (PGW) SDK allows merchants to build an excellent payment experience within their mobile apps by integrating easily with 2C2P's payment gateway. As 2C2P provides omnichannel payment processing, the Payment Gateway SDK gives merchants access to a full suite of payment options.

With 2C2P's Payment Gateway SDK, merchants do not need to undertake a complex and time-consuming PCI-DSS certification process. All sensitive information is protected at 2C2P with the most advanced security that is compliant with PCI-DSS standards.

It's allows merchant application accepting payment from Credit card.

The 2C2P Payment Gateway SDK supports the following payment services:

Credit / Debit Card Payment

 1. Customer checks out and proceeds to pay.

 2. Merchant application sends checkout information to merchant server.

 3. Merchant server requests payment token from 2C2P.

 4. Merchant server passes payment token to merchant application, which displays the payment page.

 5. Merchant application sends payment request to 2C2P.

 6. 2C2P receives the customer's card information and sends payment to the acquirer for authorization. Acquirer responds with payment result.

 7. 2C2P sends backend notification to merchant server.

 8. 2C2P sends transaction ID to 2C2P Payment Gateway SDK.

 9. Merchant application uses transaction ID to retrieve transaction result from merchant server.

10. Merchant application shows payment result to customer.

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