Payment Flow Codes

2C2P allows payment acceptance through different platforms and channels, as well as through various implementations such as embedded iframes, app deeplinks, or webviews. To ensure smooth and seamless payments across various implementations, merchants are given payment flow codes to indicate particular results or actions to take note of during the payment process.

Refer to the list below for each code's definition.

List of payment flow code

Response CodePlatformPayment FlowAction Required
1000Web / MobileLoad redirect URL with IFrame / Webview.Client should close the iframe when the URL is loading RESULT URL and read the BODY message.
1001Web / MobileFull redirection to web pageDo full redirection to 3rd party web page.
1002Web / Mobile1. Redirect to Scheme URL (deep link) or web URL.

2. Query the transaction status via API.
Mobile :
1. Redirect Scheme URL (deep ink) to open third-party app that does not do callback
2. Once app resumes, call Transaction Status API.

1. Redirect URL with multiple tab in external web browser.
2. Do a looping query or long post to get transaction status.

Refer to Transaction Status Inquiry API
1003Web / MobileGet and display the payslip information and waiting customer to pay it1. Get payslip info, and display payslip.
2. Set transaction status as PENDING
1004MobileRedirect to external app with app scheme, and back with app call back.1. Redirect to APP scheme
2. Receive call back from 3rd party APP.
1005Web / Mobile1. Display generated QR, and wait for customer to scan / pay it.
2. Query the transaction status via API.
1. Get and display generated QR
2. Do a looping query or long post to get transaction status.

Refer to Transaction Status Inquiry API
2000Web / MobileTransaction completed and merchant require to display payment result.For merchants who implement backend response :
1. A Payment Backend Response will be returned to the merchant server once payment has been completed and the merchant has updated it in their backend system.
3. Once the merchant receives 2000, the merchant should check the payment status from their backend system and display the payment result to the customer

For merchants who do not implement backend response :
1. Call Payment Inquiry API to get payment result
2. The merchant can then display the payment result to customer
Other Code

Refer to API Response Code
Web / MobileTransaction failed or rejected, perform payment inquiry to get payment status and full response.Get payment result, and display result to customer. End of payment flow.