Third Party Redirection

This integration flow is for merchant who want to create payment such as 3ds payment, wallet payment & internet banking. This flow is involve merchant to perform browser redirect to third party acquirer to process the payment.

 1. Customer check out and proceed to pay.

 2. Merchant is required to request payment token from 2c2p.

 3. 2c2p return the payment token to merchant.

 4. Merchant request payment option with payment token. (Optional)

 5. 2c2p return available payment option. (Optional)

 6. Merchant request payment option details with payment token & Group/Category Code (Optional)

 7. 2c2p return payment option details. (Optional)

 8. Merchant request payment with payment token & payment information.

 9. 2c2p return payment response to merchant.

 10. Merchant open new tab for browser redirection to acquirer.

 11. Customer landing to acquirer process page.

 12. After done process, acquirer return payment status to 2c2p.

 13. 2c2p return backend payment response to merchant.

 14. 2c2p return frontend payment response via browser redirection.

 15. Merchant required to request payment inquiry. (Optional)

 16. 2c2p return payment inquiry details. (Optional)