IPP (Installment Payment Plan) Options Inquiry API


Data Attribute Reference

Data Type

  • A: Alphabet
  • AN: Alphanumeric
  • C: Characters
  • B: Boolean
  • D: Decimal
  • N: Numeric

Mandatory attributes

  • M: Mandatory
  • C: Conditional
  • O: Optional


IPP Options Inquiry Request Parameters

ParameterData Type / LengthMandatoryDescription
versionC 5MRequest version number

Current version : 2.2
timeStampC 22ORequest time stamp

* In ddMMyyHHmmss format
merchantIDC 15MMerchant ID


IPP Options Inquiry Response Parameters

ParameterData Type / LengthMandatoryDescription
versionC 5MResponse version number

Current version : 2.1
timeStampC 22MResponse time stamp

* In ddMMyyHHmmss format
respCodeC 3MResponse Code

00 = success
Any response code that is not 00 indicates failure
respReasonC 100MReason of failure
ippBanksArrayOArray of IPP banks
ippBanks.bankNameC 250MIPP bank name
ippBanks.bankShortNameC 250MBank Short Name / Bank Code
ippBanks.bankTermsC 250MBank terms and conditions
ippBanks.bankLogoUrlC 250MBank logo URL
ippBanks.bankPromoUrlC 250MBank promo URL
ippBanks.binsArrayMArray of BIN
ippBanks.bins.binC 6MSet to allow BIN
ippBanks.installmentOptions.option.idN 2MSerial number for IPP options
ippBanks.installmentOptions.option.installmentPeriodN 2MIPP period, in months
ippBanks.installmentOptions.option.merInterestRateD 2,2MMerchant interest rate

* Negative value = no option for merchant interest
ippBanks.installmentOptions.option.cusInterestRateD 2,2MCustomer interest rate

* Negative value = no option for customer interest
ippBanks.installmentOptions.option.minAmountD 10,2MMinimum amount to be eligible for IPP
ippBanks.installmentOptions.option.currencyCodeC 3MCurrencies eligible for IPP

Refer to: Currency Code List
ippBanks.installmentOptions.option.validFromC 10MOption valid from date

* In yyyy-MM-dd format
ippBanks.installmentOptions.option.validUntilC 10MOption valid until date

* In yyyy-MM-dd format