Reconcile Report For IPP

To generate Reconcile reports for IPP (instalment payment plans), refer to the guide below.


Connect using SFTP

  • IP Address :
  • Port : 22
  • Username : The merchant must fill in the SFTP setup form and send the request to support team. An account will be created for merchant to access 2c2p SFTP in demo and production environment.
  • Response Path : /output
  • Drop Time For Response File : Everyday Before 4.00AM GMT+7


How to get the report

  1. At the specified time, 2C2P will drop a CSV file in the SFTP server. The file name follows the format Reconcile2c2p_B_v2.1_MID_CURRENCY_yyyy-MM-dd_HHmmss.csv
  2. Merchant is required to get the file from SFTP Server.
  3. For more information on the report's contents, refer to Data Parameters below.



File Format Specification

  • File name format : Reconcile2c2p_B_v2.1_MID_CURRENCY_yyyy-MM-dd_HHmmss.csv
    - Reconcile2c2p_B_v2.1_JT_THB_2017-07-18_153136_all.csv
    - Reconcile2c2p_B_v2.1_JT_THB_2017-07-18_153136_ipp.csv
    - Reconcile2c2p_B_v2.1_JT_THB_2017-07-18_153136_nonIpp.csv
  • Parameter delimiter : comma "," for CSV Format; and Other type is Fixed Length
  • Record delimiter : line break


Data Attribute Reference

Data Type

  • A: Alphabet
  • AN: Alphanumeric
  • C: Characters
  • B: Boolean
  • D: Decimal
  • N: Numeric

Mandatory attributes

  • M: Mandatory
  • C: Conditional
  • O: Optional


Data Parameters


Sample File

Download sample csv file here.

2C2P2023102301,1,D,test,0,12/10/2023,test,11/10/2023,130643,11/10/2023,000000,702702000000000,rT1qtTw8siLut3MWQajjxPtLE,,006,VI,BANCO DAVIVIENDA S.A.,2010.00,0.00,0.00,0.00,0.00,2C2P-231011-0037,11/10/2023,1.65,0.10,1.75,,0.00,2010.00,0.00,SGD,368938,05,491647XXXXXX8295,36050,SHOPIFY,,,,0.00,670.00,M,3,0.00,0.00,0.00,0.00,,,,COL,VI,8041222,2C2P SG Test B,,Chow Sum,Payment for rT1qtTw8siLut3MWQajjxPtLE,,0.00,,,,,0.00,,,,,,,,
2C2P2023102301,2,D,test,0,12/10/2023,test,11/10/2023,131406,11/10/2023,000000,702702000000000,rOrzIYbG5GJylY3AL2xIV3uKZ,,006,VI,BANCO DAVIVIENDA S.A.,2010.00,0.00,0.00,0.00,0.00,2C2P-231011-0037,11/10/2023,1.65,0.10,1.75,,0.00,2010.00,0.00,SGD,190966,05,491647XXXXXX8295,36051,SHOPIFY,,,,0.00,670.00,M,3,0.00,0.00,0.00,0.00,,,,COL,VI,8041248,2C2P SG Test B,,Chow Sum,Payment for rOrzIYbG5GJylY3AL2xIV3uKZ,,0.00,,,,,0.00,,,,,,,,
ParameterData TypeMandatoryDescription
LINE_NON 5MH = Total Line No. , D= Line number
TYPE_TABLEAN 1MH=header, D=Detail
BANK_CODEAN 25MBank Swift Code
ACCOUNT_NOAN 25MMerchant Bank Account Number
VAT_NOAN 25M0107536000633 (Merchant Tax Registation No)
ORDER_DATEAN 10MCustomer order date [format : DD/MM/YYYY]
ORDER_TIMEAN 6MCustomer order time [format : HHMMSS]
PAYMENT_DATEAN 10MCustomer pay date [format : DD/MM/YYYY]
PAYMENT_TIMEAN 6MCustomer pay time [format : HHMMSS]
MERCHANT_IDAN 15MMerchant ID define by 2C2P
ORDER_IDAN 20MUnique merchant order number

Example: 00000000010000091203
Note: The same order number may appear in the file for different payment methods. For instance, 1 line item for Loyalty and 1 line item for Card Payment
INVOICE_NOAN 50MMerchant Invoice Number
PAYMENT_TYPEAN 3MPayment type codes

001 = Credit and debit cards / Wallets
002 = Cash payment channels
003 = Direct debit
004 = Others
005 = Refund
006 = Installment Payment
007 = Loyalty Payment
008 = Chargeback
009 = Chargeback Reversal
010 = Other Charges
011 = Authorize Charges
012 = Void Charges
013 = Sale/Capture Interchange Charges
014 = Refund Interchange Charges
015 = Chargeback Interchange Charges
PAYMENT_CHANNELAN 30MRefer to Payment Channel Matrix Table
AGENT_CODEAN 30MRefer to Agent Code
AMOUNTN 15MAmount in 2-decimal value

* Example: 1000.00
DISCOUNTN 15MDiscount amount (Always 0)
TRANSACTION_FEEN 15MTransaction fee, if needed
COMMISSION_FEEN 15MService fee charged to Merchant (MDR)
COM_VAT_AMOUNTN 15MCommission Vat Amount (7 % of Commission Fee)
TAX Invoice NoAN 50MTax invoice number which 2C2P issues to merchant on daily settlement
TAX Invoice DateAN 10MDate issue Tax Invoice (Pay-in date), format DD/MM/YYYY
TAX Invoice COM AmountN 15MTax Invoice COM Amount from Tax Invoice issued to merchant
TAX Invoice VAT AmountN 15MTax Invoice VAT Amount from Tax Invoice VAT issued to merchant
TAX Invoice SUM AmountN 15MTax Invoice Sum Amount = TAX Invoice Com Amount + TAX Invoice VAT Amount
WHT_NOAN 50OWHT Number (Blank)
WHT_AMOUNTN 15MWithholding Tax Amount (3% of ServiceFee)
PAYIN_AMOUNTN 15MTotal Payin Amount (Include Refund) (Amount - Commission Fee - COM_VAT_Amount + WHT Amount - EWT Amount)
SHIPPING_FEEN 15MShipping cost charged by Merchant (Always 0)
CurrencyCodeAN 3MISO 4217 Currency Code
approval_codeAN 10MAuthorization code from issuing bank

* This field is only applicable when the customer pays with credit or debit card
eciAN 2MECI value

* This field is only applicable when the customer pays with credit or debit card
masked_pan/Payment Ref CodeAN 20M / O(Optional) First 6 and last 4 digits of the credit card.

Example: 444321XXXXXX3212
This field is only applicable when the customer pays with credit or debit card
user_defined_1AN 150OReference number, booking number, tracking number or order number for merchant use.
user_defined_2AN 150OReference number, booking number, tracking number or order number for merchant use.
user_defined_3AN 150OReference number, booking number, tracking number or order number for merchant
user_defined_4AN 150OReference number, booking number, tracking number or order number for merchant use.
user_defined_5AN 150OReference number, booking number, tracking number or order number for merchant use.
MDRN 5MFull Payment MDR in percentage (%)
IPP_AmountN 15OCustomer IPP Pay per month amount = Amount/Term (For merchant Pay interest)
Pay_INT_ByAN 5OInterest is paid by Merchant or Cardholder (M=Merchant, C=Customer)
TermN 5OPayment Term (4, 6, 10 months)
INT_RateN 5OIPP Interest rate per month
IPP_INT_AmountN 15OIPP Interest all month that merchant absorb = (Amount x INT_Rate x Term/100)
IPP_MDRN 15OIPP MDR Amount = Amount x MDR/100
BANK PROMO CODEAN 20OBank Promotion Code
BANK PROMO NAMEAN 50OBank Promotion Name
REFUND_NOTEAN 250ORefund / Chargeback notes
ISSUER_COUNTRYAN 3OCard Issuer Country
CARD_BRANDAN 30ORefer to Payment Channel Matrix Table
TxnIDN 10OTxn ID in PGW and 123
Merchant_NameAN 300OMerchant's name in 2C2P records
Ref IDAN 20O1) QR Payment = QR Ref ID
Cardholder nameAN 150OCardholder's name
Product DescriptionAN 250OProduct description
Promotion CodeAN 50OMerchant's Promotion Code
Acquirer DiscountN 15ODiscount given to cardholder by acquirer
Acquirer Discount CurrencyAN 3OCurrency of Discount given to cardholder by acquirer
MCP AmountN 15OCardholder's paid amount
MCP CurrencyAN 3OCardholder's paid currency
MCP Exchange RateN 15OCardholder's paid currency to merchant currency
EWT AmountN 15OEWT Amount if applicable
Custom Data 1AN 150OCustom dataset from 2C2P
Custom Data 2AN 150OCustom dataset from 2C2P
Redeemed PointsN 15ORedeemed points
Redeemed Points AmountN 15OPoints amount
Redeemed Voucher NameAN 50OVoucher code redeemed
Redeemed Voucher QuantityN 15ONumber of vouchers redeemed
Redeemed Voucher AmountN 15OTotal redeemed voucher amount
Payment Type Name AN 50OPayment Type Description
Backend Reference NoAN 50OInternal Reference No
Refund Chargeback FeeN 15ORefund Chargeback fee
Refund Chargeback VATN 15ORefund Chargeback VAT amount