Payment Response (Backend)


HTTPS POST / Server-to-server

2C2P will occasionally send backend responses to merchants as part of the payment flow for 2C2P PGW integrations. Merchants receive payload messages that must be decoded using the JWT method.

For details on decoding JWT tokens, refer to: Decode JWT Token

The sample code below demonstrates a correctly decoded payment response.

  "merchantID": "JT04",
  "invoiceNo": "280520075921",
  "cardNo": "411111XXXXXX1111",
  "amount": "230.87",
  "currencyCode": "THB",
  "tranRef": "2868821",
  "referenceNo": "2785703",
  "approvalCode": "531484",
  "eci": "05",
  "transactionDateTime": "20200528080508",
  "respCode": "0000",
  "respDesc": "Success"

For more details on the API, refer to: Payment Response Backend Parameters