Card Response Codes

Response CodeDescription
01Refer to Card Issuer
02Refer to Issuer’s Special Conditions
03Invalid Merchant ID
04Pick Up Card
05Do Not Honor
07Pick Up Card, Special Conditions
08Honor with Identification
09Request in Progress
10Partial Amount Approved
11Approved VIP
12Invalid Transaction
13Invalid Amount
14Invalid Card Number
15No Such Issuer
16Approved, Update Track 3
17Customer Cancellation
18Customer Dispute
19Re-enter Transaction
20Invalid Response
21No Action Taken
22Suspected Malfunction
23Unacceptable Transaction Fee
24File Update not Supported by Receiver
25Unable to Locate Record on File
26Duplicate File Update Record, old record replaced
27File Update Field Edit Error
28File Update File Locked Out
29File Update not Successful, contact acquirer
30Format Error
31Bank not Supported by Switch
32Completed Partially

Successful tokenization without authorization will return this status code.
Merchant QR code will also return this status after sending QR data to merchant.
33Expired Card - Pick Up
34Suspected Fraud - Pick Up
35Contact Acquirer - Pick Up
36Restricted Card - Pick Up
37Call Acquirer Security - Pick Up
38Allowable PIN Tries Exceeded
39No Credit Account
40Requested Function Not Supported
41Lost Card - Pick Up
42No Universal Amount
43Stolen Card - Pick Up
44No Investment Account
45Settlement Success
46Settlement Fail
47Cancel Success
48Cancel Fail
49No Transaction Reference Number
50Host Down
51Insufficient Funds
52No Chequing Account
53No Savings Account
54Expired Card
55Incorrect PIN
56No Card Record
57Transaction Not Permitted to Cardholder
58Transaction Not Permitted to Terminal
59Suspected Fraud
60Card Acceptor Contact Acquirer
61Exceeds Withdrawal Amount Limits
62Restricted Card
63Security Violation
64Original Amount Incorrect
65Exceeds Withdrawal Frequency Limit
66Call Acquirer Security Department
67Hard Capture - Pick Up Card at ATM
68Response Received Too Late
70Settlement amount cannot exceed authorized amount
71Inquiry Record Not Exist
75Allowable PIN Tries Exceeded
76Invalid Credit Card Format
77Invalid Expiry Date Format
78Invalid Three Digits Format
80User Cancellation by closing internet browser
81Unable to authenticate cardholder
86ATM Malfunction
87No Envelope Inserted
88Unable to Dispense
89Administration Error
90Cut-off in Progress
91Issuer or Switch is Inoperative
92Financial Institution not Found
93Transaction Cannot be Completed
94Duplicate Transmission
95Reconcile Error
96System Malfunction
97Reconciliation Totals Reset
98MAC Error
99Internal Checks Failed or Acquirer Timed-Out