Payment Maintenance Status Codes

Status CodeStatus Description
APApproval Pending.
AEApproved after Expired (APM).
ALApproved with less amount (APM).
AMApproved with more amount (APM).
PFPayment Failed.
ARAuthentication Rejected (MPI Reject).
FFFraud Rule Rejected.
IPRejected (Invalid Promotion).
ROERejected (Routing Rejected).
RPRefund Pending.
RFRefund confirmed.
RFFRefund Failed.
RRRefund Rejected.
RR1Refund Rejected – insufficient balance.
RR2Refund Rejected – invalid bank information.
RR3Refund Rejected – bank account mismatch.
RSReady for Settlement.
TCredit Adjustment
VVoided / Canceled
VPVoid Pending
EXPayment Expired
CTSTokenization Success
CTFTokenization Failed