QuickPay Response Code

Response CodeDescription
001Invalid MID
002Invalid QuickPay ID
003Invalid amount
004Invalid currency
005Invalid description
006Invalid expiry date
007Invalid payment option
008Invalid IPP interest type
009Invalid payment expiry date
010Invalid allowMultiplePayment value
011Invalid max transactions value
012Invalid order ID prefix
013Order ID in use
014Max transaction must be more than pending and
approved transactions
015Invalid request version
016Invalid request 3DS value
017Invalid enable store card value
018Invalid recurring (RPP) flag
019Invalid recurring amount
020Invalid allow accumulate flag
021Invalid allow accumulate amount
022Invalid recurring interval
023Invalid recurring count
024Invalid charge next date
025Invalid charge on date
026Please provide either charge on date or recurring
027Please provide only one value between charge on date
and recurring interval
101Please provide one or more emails / mobiles
102One or more email address is invalid
103One or more BCC email address is invalid
104One or more mobile number is invalid
105One or more CC email address is invalid
106Invalid email subject
107Invalid email message
108Invalid SMS message
997Invalid request message
998Empty compulsory value
999System down