QuickPay Update Request Parameters


Data Attribute Reference

Data Type

  • A: Alphabet
  • AN: Alphanumeric
  • C: Characters
  • B: Boolean
  • D: Decimal
  • N: Numeric

Mandatory attributes

  • M: Mandatory
  • C: Conditional
  • O: Optional
ParameterData Type / LengthMandatoryDescription
versionAN 3MRequest version number

Current version: 2.4
timeStampAN 14MRequest time stamp

- In yyyyMMddHHmmss format
merchantIDAN 15MMerchant ID provided by 2C2P
qpIDN 10MQuickPay ID
descriptionAN 150ODescription of QuickPay URL

- Accepts only
alphanumeric characters and the special characters ._#-
currencyAN 3OStandard ISO4217 currency codes

Thai baht = THB
dollar = SGD

- US dollar = USD
amountAN 12OTransaction amount

JPY = 100
allowMultiplePaymentC 1OSets QuickPay link to allow multiple payments

Y = Yes
N = No

Default value: N
maxTransactionN 4OMaximum number of approved transactions

Based on number of items to sell (e.g., merchants with 10 items to sell must put a value of 10)
Accepts values from 1 to 1000
expiryAN 19MExpiry date of the QuickPay link

- In yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format
userData1AN 255OUser data
userData2AN 255OUser data
userData3AN 255OUser data
userData4AN 255OUser data
userData5AN 255OUser data
promotionAN 20OPromotion code to filter promotion transactions
categoryIdAN 20OPredefined payment category code for reporting purposes
resultUrl1AN 255OFrontend return URL
resultUrl2AN 255OBackend return URL
paymentOptionC 1OTo restrict customer payment methods / channels:

F: Full amount payment only
I: Installment payment plan only
C: Credit card payment only
A: All available options

By default, Option A is selected
ippInterestTypeC 1OTo indicate IPP (Installment Payment Plan)
interest type:
M: Merchant Pay interest option only
C: Customer Pay interest option only

- A: all available optionsBy default, Option A is selected
paymentExpiryAN 19OTo specify payment expiry date and time for 123 service:

Expiry value is taken from the merchant configuration in the 2C2P portal
By default, uses the format
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
request3DSC 1OTo enable / disable / force 3DS authentication:
Y: Enable 3DS authentication
N: Disable 3DS authentication

- F: Force 3DS authentication (only accepts
ECI 02/05)By default, 3DS authentication is enabled
enableStoreCardC 1OTo enable card tokenization feature:
N: Disable tokenization
Y: Enable tokenization

By default, tokenization is disabled
recurringC 1OTo enable RPP (Recurring Payment Plan):
N: Disable RPP
Y: Enable RPP feature

By default, RPP is disabled

If RPP is enabled, the payment response will return the RPP unique ID
recurringAmountD 12CRecurring amount

SGD = 100.00
JPY = 100
allowAccumulateC 1CAllows a certain amount of failed RPP transactions before the RPP is terminated
maxAccumulateAmountD 12CSet the maximum accumulated failed transaction amount. If this amount is exceeded, the RPP will be terminated.

- Only required if allowAccumulate is enabled
recurringIntervalN 3CIndicate the frequency of RPP charges, in days

Minimum: Every 1 day
Maximum: Every 365 days (1 year)

- Only required if RPP is enabled and chargeOnDate is disabled
recurringCountN 5CIndicate how many times to charge a customer with RPP

Set to '0' to charge indefinitely until terminated manually
Only required if RPP is enabled
chargeNextDateC 8CIndicate the next RPP charge date

Format: ddMMyyyy
Only required if RPP with
recurringInterval is set
For RPP configured with chargeOnDate,
chargeNextDate is optional
If chargeNextDate is not set, the month value from chargeOnDate will be used
chargeOnDateC 4CCharge RPP on specific date every month

Format: ddMM
MM is only used if
chargeNextDate is not set
Otherwise the day value will be used for every month
Only required if RPP is enabled and recurringInterval is disabled
useStoreCardOnlyC 1OTo allow merchant provide Store Card ID
storeCardUniqueIDC 20CStore Card ID
ippPeriodFilterC 200CAllow IPP Tenure selection
hashValueAN 150MHMACSHA1 cryptographic hash value of:
version + timeStamp + merchantID +
qpID + description + currency +
amount + allowMultiplePayment +
maxTransaction + expiry +
userData1 + userData2 + userData3 + userData4 + userData5 +
promotion + categoryId + resultUrl1 + resultUrl2 + paymentOption +
ippInterestType + paymentExpiry +
request3DS + enableStoreCard +
recurring + recurringAmount +
allowAccumulate +
maxAccumulateAmount +
recurringInterval + recurringCount +
chargeNextDate + chargeOnDate + useStoreCardOnly + storeCardUniqueID + ippPeriodFilter

- Uses secret key provided by 2C2P to merchant