How to integrate

Enable native mobile payments by integrating the 2C2P Payment Gateway SDK with these guides


Import PGW SDK

Learn how to import the 2C2P PGW SDK into your application.

Initialise PGW SDK

Learn how to initialise the 2C2P PGW SDK, which merchants must do before performing any transactions.

Handle PGW Payment Authentication

Learn how to authenticate payments so that you can generate payment tokens. Merchants use payment tokens to retrieve transaction details or manage transactions via API.

Read backend payment response

For transactions involving the 2C2P PGW SDK, 2C2P communicates with merchant servers via backend responses. Merchants must ensure that their server's return URL is registered under their 2C2P Merchant Dashboard.

Construct payment requests

Generate payment tokens

Learn how to generate payment tokens for any type of payment request.

Process transactions

Learn how to submit secure payment requests from the 2C2P PGW SDK to 2C2P. This API allows the 2C2P PGW SDK to redirect customers to issuer's ACS page for 3DS authentication.

Check payment results

Check payment result information based on transaction ID.

Optional: Retrieve payment information

Optional: Retrieve payment options

This API allows merchants to retrieve their account's merchant details, transaction details, and enabled payment options. Merchants can use these details when customising the payment experience UI/UX from their end.

Optional: Retrieve payment option details

This API allows merchants to retrieve their account's bank bins or available instalment plan options. Merchants can use this information to verify customer input or display available options to customers.


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