Scan QR

This integration flow is for merchants who want to create QR payments such as EMVQR, Visa QR & Mastercard QR. This flow requires merchants to generate a QR code via 2C2P and to allow customers to scan a QR code to proceed with payment.

 1. Customer checks out and proceeds to pay.

 2. Merchant is required to request for a payment token from 2C2P.

 3. 2C2P returns the payment token to the merchant.

 4. Merchant requests for a payment option with the payment token. (Optional)

 5. 2C2P returns the available payment option. (Optional)

 6. Merchant requests payment option details with payment token and Group/Category Code. (Optional)

 7. 2C2P returns payment option details. (Optional)

 8. Merchant requests payment with payment token and payment information.

 9. 2C2P returns payment response to the merchant.

 10. Merchant displays QR code image with status pending and allows customer to make payment.

 11. Merchant front-end UI is required to have a function to keep calling the transaction status API until the transaction end result has been received (completed or failed).

 12. Customer scans the QR Code and makes payment.

 13. Third party acquirer returns the payment status to 2C2P.

 14. 2C2P returns a backend response to the merchant.