How it works

2c2p offered Payment Action API allows merchant to Query, Manage, Capture transaction and also perform other Advance Management to RPP (Recurring Payment Plan) transactions and tokenized credit card data and pull IPP (Installment Payment Plan) plan list.


Payment Process

Allows merchant to do basic transaction inquiry, void, refund and capture a transaction.


Payment Inquiry
Allow merchant to query the current status of a transaction.

How to do Payment Inquiry via API


Void / Cancel Request
A Void request allows merchant to stop an existing transaction from getting Settled.


Void / Cancel time frame

Void request has to be sent on the same day as the transaction authorization and before the acquirer's Cut-off time. Acquirer's cut-off time vary from one to another acquirer.

  • For alternative payment method - A Void request allows merchant to stop an existing payment slip from getting paid by customer.

How to do Void / Cancel via API


Settle Payment Request
This request allows merchant to capture / settle a pre-authorized transaction.


Pre-authorized transaction

Pre-authorized transaction that is not settled after a period of time (commonly 7 days) will be automatically Voided by the Acquirer, the period vary from one to another acquirer.

How to do Settle Payment via API


Refund Request

  • credit card payment
    This request allows merchant to request for Refund for a particular transaction that has been settled before.
    Merchant is allowed to do multiple refund request, however the total refunded amount cannot exceed the original settled transaction amount.

  • Alternative Payment Method:
    Refund process are not in real time, therefore merchant will not get immediate result after requesting Refund for APM transactions. The notifyURL can be used to inform merchant's system when the Refund has been executed successfully to the customer.

How to do Refund via API


Refund Status Inquiry Request
Allow merchant to retrieve refund record(s) for particular transaction.

How to do Refund Status Inquiry via API


Card Tokenization

Allows merchant to Tokenize credit card information securely, and to inquire, update or delete Tokenized card data.

How to Manage Card Token via API
(including Add, Update, Delete & Inquiry actions.)


RPP (Recurring Payment Plan) maintenance

Allows merchant to inquire, Update and Cancel RPP (Recurring Payment Plan) record.

How to Manage RPP transaction via API
(including Inquiry, Update & Cancel actions.)


IPP (Installment Payment Plan) Options Inquiry

Allows merchant to pull available IPP options for specific Merchant ID.


Fx Rate Inquiry

Allows merchant to get currency FX Rate for the supported currencies.