Payment Direct Request Parameter


Data Attribute Reference

Data Type

  • A: Alphabet
  • AN: Alphanumeric
  • C: Characters
  • B: Boolean
  • D: Decimal
  • N: Numeric

Mandatory attributes

  • M: Mandatory
  • C: Conditional
  • O: Optional


Data Type




C 255


JWT encrypted PaymentToken

clientID C 255 O

Unique client ID

This ID will be created when UI SDK init and store in app preference.

Formula :

locale C 10 O

Api response localization.

Based on ISO 639


if locale is empty, api will response based on payment token locale.

if locale is exist, api will response with requested locale.

if clientID exist, api will response with user preference locale

Refer to Initialization API for the language code list.

responseReturnUrl C 255 O

Payment response return URL

Only to be used by third party vendor to build payment UI for a merchant.

For merchant, please use 'frontendReturnUrl' in PaymentToken Request

Note: Payment token will be appended at the end of the URL

call back url will be: ''

payment - M Payment required information
  code - M

Payment code information

ref: Payment Channel Matrix table.

    channelCode AN 10 M Payment channel code
    agentCode C 10 C Agent's code
    agentChannelCode C 10 C Agent's channel code
  data - M Payment data
    name C 50 C Customer’s name
    email C 150 C Customer’s email
    mobileNo C 255 O Customer’s mobile number
    accountNo C 255 O Customer’s account number 
    securePayToken C 255 C

SecurePay encrypted token.A token generated by SecurePay SDK.

Web : Using JS. Refer to: Encryption of card data

Mobile : Encrypted by SecurePay SDK Lib.

*Merchant is allowed to use this encrypted value to transmit card information. 

This parameter is optional,if merchant choose to use parameter cardNo, expiryMonth, expiryYear & securityCode for a card payment.

    cardNo N 20 O

Card number

Example : 4111 1111 1111 1111

    expiryMonth N 2 O

Card expiry month 

Example : 02 

    expiryYear N 4 O

Card expiry year

Example : 2022

    securityCode N 4 O CVV / CVC Code
    cardBank C 255 O Credit card issuer bank
    cardCountry C 255 O Credit card issuer country
    accountTokenization B O Allowing customer to tokenize card info.
    interestType A 1 O Installment interest type
    installmentPeriod N 2 O Installment period in month
    customerToken C 255 O Token from card token id or digital payment
    qrType C 255 O

QR data type.

RAW : Raw data string

BASE64 : Base64 image string

URL : QR image URL

    fxRateID C 255 O Exchange rate id
    paymentExpiry C 19 O

Payment expiry date

Specify payment expiry date/time for payments. Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss

By default, will use expiry date/time from payment token or configured on merchant profile.

    billingAddress1 C 255 C Address line 1
    billingAddress2 C 255 O Address line 2
    billingAddress3 C 255 O Address line 3
    billingCity C 255 C Address city
    billingState C 255 O Address state
    billingPostalCode AN 10 C Address postal code
    billingCountryCode A 2 C Address country in A2 of ISO3166 format
    shippingAddress1 C 255 C Address line 1
    shippingAddress2 C 255 O Address line 2
    shippingAddress3 C 255 O Address line 3
    shippingCity C 255 C Address city
    shippingState C 255 O Address state
    shippingPostalCode AN 10 C Address postal code
    shippingCountryCode A 2 C Address country in A2 of ISO3166 format