Payout Inquiry Response Parameter


Data Attribute Reference

Data Type

  • A: Alphabet
  • AN: Alphanumeric
  • C: Characters
  • B: Boolean
  • D: Decimal
  • N: Numeric

Mandatory attributes

  • M: Mandatory
  • C: Conditional
  • O: Optional
ParameterData Type/ LengthMandatoryDescription
versionC 5MRequest version

Current version 1.1
requestIDAN 50MUnique number used to validate requests

Duplicate request IDs will be rejected (idempotency ID)
Must be in UUID format
UTRAN 25MUnique transaction reference (UTR) number

Will be sent to the Bank (if supported)
Default UTR generated (if parameter is blank)
Format of generated UTR:
Sample generated UTR: 2105211234567890123456
payoutDateC 10MScheduled payout date

In dd/MM/yyyy format
If parameter is blank, system will set payoutDate = current date + 2 (T+2)
amountD 16,2MAmount to be transferred

* In 2-decimal format
currencyA 3MCurrency code

* Refer to Currency Code
beneficiaryNameA 150OBeneficiary name
beneficiaryAccountNoN 30OBeneficiary bank account number

* Account number will be masked (only the last 4 digits will be shown)
beneficiaryBankNameC 100OBeneficiary bank name

* Refer to Payout Bank Name
beneficiaryBankCodeAN 10OBeneficiary bank code

* Refer to Payout Bank Code
beneficiaryMobileNoN 30OBeneficiary mobile number

In international mobile number format
Example: +6581234567 (Singapore mobile number)
beneficiaryEmailAN 150OBeneficiary email address
idCardC 50OBeneficiary ID Card
userDefined1C 150OMerchant’s defined information
userDefined2C 150OMerchant’s defined information
userDefined3C 150OMerchant’s defined information
userDefined4C 150OMerchant’s defined information
userDefined5C 150OMerchant’s defined information
respCodeN 4MResponse Code

* Refer to Payout Response Code list
respDescC 150MResponse description
* Refer to Payout Response Code list