2C2P allows merchants to easily accept a wide range of payment methods, such as card payments, mobile wallets, internet banking, QR payments, and over-the-counter options.

Merchants may choose which payment methods to integrate via the 2C2P PGW SDK. For the list of supported payment methods and the corresponding integration flows, refer to Payment Methods.


Card Payments

Integrate with global card payment
Integrate with local card payment

2C2P supports 3D-Secure, an authentication protocol for e-commerce transactions. Initially developed by VISA, 3D-Secure is currently used by all major card schemes, such as Mastercard, American Express (Amex), JCB, and Discovery.

How does 3D-Secure authentication work?



 1. Customer starts a transaction.

 2. Customer checks out and proceeds to pay with *3D-Secure*-enabled credit or debit card.

 3. Merchant is required to request a payment token from 2C2P.

 4. 2C2P returns the payment token to merchant.

 5. Customer is shown the payment page with payment token.

 6. Customer selects payment method and enters payment information on this page.

 7. Customer proceeds with the transaction.

 8. 2C2P sends 3DS authentication request to issuer.

 9. 2C2P sends authentication URL to merchant application.

 10. Customer is redirected to issuer for authentication, which is typically done through OTP (one-time password).

 11. 2C2P receives authentication result from issuer. Customer is redirected back to 2C2P payment gateway with authentication result.

 12. 2C2P sends payment to acquirer for authorisation and receives payment status.

 13. 2C2P sends backend notification to merchant.

 14. 2C2P relays payment status response to PGW SDK.

 15. Merchant application receives transaction result.