Accept payment for authorization for different payment channel. Merchant may choose what are the payment methods that required to be integrated. Refer to Payment Methods section to know how to integrating with each payment methods.


Card Payment

Integrate with global card payment
Integrate with local card payment

What is 3D-Secure

3D-Secure is authentication protocol for e-commerce transaction where card is not present on time of the purchase. Initially developed by VISA and known as Verified by VISA. 3D-Secure is adapted by all the major card schemes such as MasterCard, Amex, JCB and Discovery.

3D-Secure Authentication

Merchant customers with 3D-Secure enabled credit/debit card will be redirected to bank website to complete authentication. Typically cardholder enter OTP (One-Time-Password) in bank website to authenticate as genuine holder of the card that is being used.

After authentication process is done the user is redirected back to 2C2P payment gateway with authentication result.


  •   Prevent fraudulent use of credit/debit cards in online payments
  •   Increase customer confidence in online payments with *3D-Secure* merchant
  •   Protect merchant on chargeback cases with liability shift when *3D-Secure* authentication is used

process flow of 3D-Secure transactions:


Other Payment Methods

Other than card payment, 2c2p is accepting payment method such as wallet, internet banking, over the counter, QR payment. Refer to Payment Methods to know how it work in each of the payment method.