Payout Inquiry Request Parameter


Data Attribute Reference

Data Type

  • A: Alphabet
  • AN: Alphanumeric
  • C: Characters
  • B: Boolean
  • D: Decimal
  • N: Numeric

Mandatory attributes

  • M: Mandatory
  • C: Conditional
  • O: Optional
ParameterData Type/ LengthMandatoryDescription
merchantIDAN 15MMerchant ID provided by 2C2P to merchant
requestIDAN 30CUnique number used to validate requests

Duplicate request IDs will be rejected (idempotency ID)
Must be in UUID format
* Only requires either the “requestID”or “UTR” parameters
UTRAN 22CUnique transaction reference (UTR) number

Will be sent to the bank (if supported)
Only requires either the “requestID”or “UTR” parameters