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How it works

'2C2P Redirect API' allows merchant to integrate to 2C2P Payment Gateway with minimum effort and enjoy the full benefits of enhanced security and full suite of payment options. Accepting payment from Credit card, Cash, ATM, KIOSK, Over the counter, Internet banking, and all other bank channels cannot be easier with '2C2P Redirect API'.

Key Benefits of Redirect API:
  • 1. Fast setup & integration.
  • 2. Zero-maintenance. enabling and disabling a payment option in one click.
  • 3. Very secure.
  • 4. PCIDSS requirements and compliances are handled by 2C2P.

The Redirect API supports 2 types of payment services:

1. Credit / Debit Card Payment

 1. Consumer check out
 2. Merchant redirect payment to 2C2P PGW
 3. 2C2P PGW gets the card information from customer, perform 3DS authentication and then authorization with acquiring bank
 4. Acquiring bank return payment result
 5. 2C2P PGW return payment result to merchant via frontend return url and backend return url.
 6. Merchant display payment result to customer

2. Alternative Payments Method

2 mode of payment on Alternative Payment Method:

where the payment is PENDING between request and payment

 1. Consumer done selecting product.
 2. Customer proceed to checkout.
 3. Customer select offline payment method.
 4. Payslip generated for Customer.
 5. 2C2P PGW notify payment pending to merchant.
 6. Customer go to Payment point (Over-the-Counter, ATM, Internet banking, Kiosk, Convenient stores).
 7. Payment point notify 2C2P PGW in real time when Customer make payment.
 8. 2C2P PGW notify payment result to merchant.

where payments are processed and confirmed by the bank in real time

 1. Consumer done selecting product.
 2. Customer checkout for payment.
 3. Customer gets redirected to Bank's website.
 4. Customer do payment Authentication on Bank's website.
 5. Bank notify 2C2P PGW in real time when payment is done.
 6. 2C2P PGW notify payment result to merchant.
 7. Merchant display payment result to customer.

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How it works

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